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The Crucial Role of Security Licenses in Building Trustworthy Security Companies

In a world where security is paramount, the role of security companies in ensuring safety and safeguarding assets cannot be overstated. However, the often-underappreciated factor contributing to the success of these companies is the possession of security licenses. This exploration delves into the indispensable nature of security licenses, focusing on key elements such as regulatory […]

Why Your Head Office Needs Security Guards

Why Your Head Office Needs Security Guards (Even in 2024)

Head offices, which are at the core of companies, have important personnel, sensitive data, and important resources, making them popular targets for security risks. Digital security systems and careful employees are essential in keeping head offices secure, yet security guards also provide a vital human element of protection, serving as a warning sign, proactively recognizing […]

Practical Loss Prevention Strategies for the Holiday Season

Practical Loss Prevention Strategies for the Holiday Season

The Christmas season is a period of festivity and happiness, but it unfortunately can also bring an increase in theft and shoplifting due to increased shopping activity. This emphasizes the importance of loss prevention during this time of year. Businesses use loss prevention strategies and practices to safeguard their resources and reduce the risk of […]

what are body worn cameras

Our New Security Equipment: Body-Worn Cameras

In our dedication to provide quality customer service and high-level of security, it is our pleasure to share with you that our security guards are now equipped with body-worn cameras. Here are at Security One 2 One, we pay attention and take great care of every little detail when it comes to security and safety. […]

What Every Security Guard Needs When Working the Night Shift

What Every Security Guard Needs when Working the Night Shift

It is important to have security guards at night particularly when there are people, assets and other valuables inside a company’s head office or private property. A guard’s presence can help deter crime, put everyone’s mind at ease, and stop other illegal activities from happening throughout the time of dark hours. Security guards are trained […]

Security One 2 One is ISO certified

Security One 2 One is ISO Certified!

We are proud to share that Security One 2 One has achieved triple ISO certification for Environmental Management System, Quality Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System this October 2023. This achievement is a reflection of Security One 2 One’s team’s hard work and dedication to providing our clients with the best possible […]

The Difference between Crowd Controllers and Security Officers

The Difference between Crowd Controllers and Security Officers

One of the mistakes that outsiders, and even newbies in security, make is calling a crowd controller a security officer. We are here to help you to decide what security is right for your business. What They Have in Common Crowd controllers and security officers are both security personnel who work under a security service […]

The Important Roles of Crowd Control Security at Concerts

The Important Roles of Security at Concerts

It is concert season in Australia! There is Paul McCartney, Charlie Puth, Coldplay, Robbie Williams to name a few artists who are scheduled to perform for their fans in the remaining months of 2023. And let us not forget Adele, Blink 182, Taylor Swift, The Jonas Brothers, and more of our favorite artists are coming […]

Security One 2 One

Proactive Security Services Company

We may not be the biggest player in the market, but Security One 2 One is different in that we like to do things properly nonetheless. We are agile and responsive, and our teams are engaged with our clients every day and we are always working to ensure we are listening to our clients, not […]

Why does the women world cup trophy need security?

Why does the Women’s World Cup trophy need Security?

Security One 2 One had the privilege of providing close protection of the Women’s World Cup trophy on Saturday August 19th 2023 in New South Wales. The trophy was on display at Pennant Hills Park in Sydney for public viewing before Spain’s La Roja’s glorious win in the Women’s World Cup Final against England’s Lionesses […]

How Construction Equipment Theft Can Be Prevented Australia

How Construction Equipment Theft Can Be Prevented

Construction equipment can set you back a few quid. It’s expensive and builders have little choice but to leave it on the sites they’re working at. Construction equipment like Bobcats, Komatsus, earth movers, even hammers, shovels, spades and cement mixes are attractive items to thieves to make off with, if left unguarded. There is no […]

How to Theft Proof Your Solar Panels in Australia

How to Theft Proof Your Solar Panels in Australia

Solar panels are expensive, but not as expensive as their cost of being stolen.  They are relatively quick and easy to remove from roofs. All that is required to make off with them is a truck, an ingenious mind and a few handyman tools. Earlier this year, thieves stole two solar panels worth $10,000 from […]

How to Enhance Car Park Security in Australia

How to Enhance Car Park Security in Australia

When a crime is reported in the car park of a shopping centre, there is an immediate drop in the number of customers frequenting it. In large, and small car parks, crime is an issue. Car parks are a hangout for vandals and thieves and, every year, according to a report published by The Australian […]

how to improve car park security in Australia

Don’t Ignore Your Car Park Security

Car parks are a hotbed of crime. In July, earlier this year, there was a report that a boy was stabbed in a car park in Sydney’s Balmain district. In April 2017, Craig Butt and Deborah Gough reported in the Melbourne Age that ‘theft from a motor vehicle is the most commonly reported crime in […]

how to deter crime sydney australia

How to Deter Crime Than Have to Resolve It

All crime does to business is disrupt it. With more than years of experience in providing security to businesses, few companies in Australia understand this sector better than we do. At Security One 2 One, when we develop a security plan for our clients, we employ something called The Deterrent Effect. The Deterrent Effect is […]

The Real Job of Static Security Guards

The Real Job of Static Security Guards

If you are unfamiliar with the term static guards then you might be confused about their job description. In contrast to their literary meaning, they are far from being just stationary. Conducting regular and thorough patrols are one of the many vital duties of static security guards. Many people have the misconception that static security […]

benefits of having security guard

The Benefits of Having a Security Guard

Today’s post is to let you know why having a security guard is beneficial. These are also some of the reasons why are clients hired our security services here in Australia.   Safety at your door! Though the 21st century has made the times more advanced and secure with security systems and burglar alarms, there […]

4 Ways to Improve Security for Your Retail Shop in Australia

4 Ways to Improve Security for Your Retail Shop in Australia

For retailers 2018 brings another year trying to combat the recurring problem of theft. However, 2018 also brings new technology and better strategies to deter robberies across retail outlets in the country. According to the recent statistics, retailers in Australia lose $2.7 billion annually. The most used strategy by retailers is loss prevention. Loss occurs […]

what security guards can do for you Australia

What Security Guards Can Do For You

We know that security guards are important for businesses and homeowners in Australia. There are some questions that a person might have regarding them, what exactly they do and what powers they have. Today’s post will help you decide when and why exactly to consider services of a professional security guard for your business or […]

The Importance of Security Guards in Retail

The Importance of Security Guards in Retail

According to statistics published in 2014-2015 Global Retail Theft Barometer, retail crimes like shoplifting and employee and supplier fraud cost the retailer’s losses to be in the millions every year. Because of this and other crimes, the retail industry has become more focused towards security. Store staff is inexperienced to handle shoplifters. They are afraid […]

Why Security Services Are Important For Educational Institutes

Why Security Services are Important for Educational Institutes

A very important part of Australian society is educational system. These institutes help the next generation grow to be knowledgeable, tolerant, mature and successful people who are capable of leading the country towards further growth. The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that there are 3.8 million school students as of 2016. However, it’s not always […]

Why Are Security Guard Background Checks Important

Why Are Security Guard Background Checks Important

A security company needs to feel absolutely confident that you will take your two most important duties as a security guard seriously before they hire you. The company needs to make sure that you will protect the people and property they put in your care. It is also very important to know that you would […]

Why Investing in a Home Security System is Worth It

Why Investing in a Home Security System is Worth It

When it is a matter of family and home, safety is everyone’s number one concern. You would never take any chance of risking the safety of your loved ones. This is why everyone should invest in a home security system. Let us look at the top reasons why we need to have professional security system […]

5 Factors A Security Guard Is Always Aware Of

5 Factors a Security Guard is Always Aware of

Being a security guard isn’t an easy task. Their responsibility is different from a police officer. A police officer has the license to actively involve themselves and respond to crimes immediately. They are fully trained in using their weapons when need be whereas a guard takes up preventive measure to deter violence and felony. When […]

hire a bodyguard service australia

Why is it Important to Hire a Bodyguard Service?

Close Protection is one of the most delicate nature. People who need close protection are often VIPs or have some sort of social, political, or general influence. These people may have opposites and competitors who do not hesitate to enter their personal space and threaten them for one reason or another. If you are in […]

what is e security

What is Electronic Security?

Electronic Security, or as others call it e security, is a very ambiguous and wide term. It can be applied to many devices and systems that can be used for security purposes and are in one way or another, electronic. Generally, e security consists of a system that can safeguard your house, building, or property, […]

Security Guard Hiring Process

Why Hire Guards Through a Reputable Private Security Company?

Would you hire a random person at your door asking for a security job at your company? You can never be sure of their criminal records and whether they are trained and certified. This is when reputable security companies come in handy. There are a lot of reasons why one should always hire guards from […]

Hire security for events

The Perks of Hiring Security for Events

Security is not just meant for VIPs and celebrities. You too need a professional security, trained to provide safety and support at your personal or company’s special event. Investing in hiring security for your occasion offers you exceptional peace of mind in these fun yet stressful times.  The mere presence of a uniformed security personnel […]

Easy-to-Use Device Security Alarm System

Easy-to-Use Device Security Alarm System for Home in Australia

For homeowners who want to easily enable and disable their security alarm, there is no better way than using a key fob. A key fob is a device that allows you to enable and disable your security alarm with just a push of the button and is programmed to work with your system only for […]

diy alarm system australia

DIY Alarm System Installations in Australia

Most people fall under the Do-It-Yourself category, and when it comes to alarm system installation, often there is no difference. Home security alarms vary, but many offer an uncomplicated installation, including the home, monitored security.   A Reliable Alarm System to Secure Your Home Your home protection should always be the number 1 priority. The […]

why you need a security guard for your small business in Australia

Why You Need a Security Guard for Your Small Business in Australia

Here at Security One 2 One we get that your business may have to contend with theft and vandalism. Some are more of a target than others; however, you will find a range of businesses hire security guards for peace of mind. Our professionally trained security guards here in Australia can provide many benefits including […]

What You Need to Know About Hiring a Security Guard in Sydney

What You Need to Know About Hiring a Security Guard in Sydney

Hiring a security guard is a great choice for deterring undesirable people from your property especially if you are in Sydney. It makes sense to hire more than one, if you have a large area that requires surveillance. These types of areas are generally used for businesses that have large premises. Using a reputable security […]

event security staff for your wedding in Australia

Why You Need Event Security for Your Wedding in Australia

With all the planning involved with a wedding, you may not have given the security part a second thought. To save you time and to help lessen the stressful things you need to deal with, here’s how you can know if you need to hire event security for your wedding in Australia.   3 Benefits […]

how to choose a reliable private security firm australia

4 Tips on Choosing a Reliable Private Security Firm

Security should always be the number one priority for any individual or company. No one likes to see their hard effort or well-constructed property destroyed. It is thus always very important to ensure that we do everything within our power to ensure that our property and the people in it are all safe. The government […]

why should you hire a private security firm in australia

Why Should You Hire a Private Security Firm?

It is said that numbers don’t lie, and sure enough, statistics indicates that there is an increase in crime over the years. Nowadays crime takes place so frequently all over, and nothing is spared, starting from residential buildings all the way to commercial buildings. A few years ago the sight of a surveillance camera could […]

benefits of having security guards for your business in Australia

The Benefits of Having Security Guards For Your Business

Having well-trained and reliable security guards can not only prevent criminals from your premises but they can also protect the important people in your company, your employees. Here are some of the benefits of having security guards for your business here in Australia. Why Hire a Security Guard Service Provider for Your Business? Peace of […]

best vip security service australia

Best VIP Security Services for True VIPs

Security One 2 One offers unparalleled VIP security for congressmen, celebrities, and any other high-profile persons that require it.  Our security teams are comprised of specialist-trained personnel that have been vetted and assessed, filtering all but the best bodyguards available. They all have backgrounds in major security experience and other high-level security firms. Our operatives […]

event security service in australia

Maximum Event Security Service in Australia

Parties, seminars, conferences, dinners, weddings, festivals – any size congregation of people runs a high risk of accidents and conflicts occurring. An authoritative figure is paramount for establishing order and handling any issues that arise. Our security staff are trained and experienced in solving problems as they occur and are capable of administering security to […]

best manned security in australia

The Best Manned Security in Australia

Are you looking for best-manned security guards and security service in Australia? Security One 2 One is here for you with the perfect solution. We can provide you everything that a professional security company provides. Security One 2 One is considered as Australia’s leading security service provider. We possess a dedicated and well experienced team […]