4 Ways to Improve Security for Your Retail Shop in Australia

May 28, 2018

4 Ways to Improve Security for Your Retail Shop in Australia

For retailers 2018 brings another year trying to combat the recurring problem of theft. However, 2018 also brings new technology and better strategies to deter robberies across retail outlets in the country. According to the recent statistics, retailers in Australia lose $2.7 billion annually.

The most used strategy by retailers is loss prevention. Loss occurs not just from petty theft by the customers, but also because of employees and even organized crime. Security One 2 One offers you smarter tips and suggestions below on how you can improve your retail business security.

Retail Business Security Tips

1. Updated security tags

Retailers are moving further with electronic surveillance tag technology. It strengthens against would-be shoplifters better than outdated security tags do. New security tags now feature magnets with extra strength, also called “multi-polar tag technology”. It is currently continuing to spread across all retail outlets in Australia.

2. Protecting stock

Behind the counter stock is also important to protect, considering employee theft makes up 25% of theft and shoplifting statistics. For this purpose, “smart locks” should be considered putting into place. They reduce theft by offering access via a key that can only open compatible drawers and cabinets. With smart locks, the key can be modified to work specifically, while tracking the cabinets a staff member uses.

3. CCTV cameras

This comes as no surprise, as retail outlets in Sydney has made it an integral part of security of installing CCTV cameras. Analog has been replaced by digital CCTV cameras. Images and noises can now be seen and heard via the internet. This allows higher video quality, longer storage, lesser time to install, and remote viewing ability. Security One 2 One can provide up to date CCTV cameras for your retail business.

4. Training staff

Apart from the technological factors, appropriate staff training is essential, next to systems of loss prevention. This has been the most crucial element of retail outlet security. It is recommended to screen all staff and then receive the relevant training with respect to customer service and what to do in case of shoplifting or organized crime.

Staff should be knowledgeable about suspicious behaviour and what to look out for. Statistics show that retail theft is lesser where bag checks are mandatory and where staff keeps an open eye on the customers.
For retail outlet security in Australia, Security One 2 One offers several ways to improve loss prevention, including security plans and programs, CCTV camera installations, and much more. Contact us at 1300 129 071.


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