Security Services We Provide

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Security Guards

Our security guard services encompass everything from roving and static guards to concierge security. From monitoring access points to protecting your assets, our security guards will protect your business from unnecessary costs, risks and inconvenience.

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Control Room Operations

Our trained security personnel can staff your control room, monitoring your premises via CCTV and alarm systems, along with access systems. We can provide a single operator or a team, depending on your needs.


Electronic Security

From security cameras and CCTV systems to access control systems, our electronic security solutions can keep your business safe and secure. We can also provide you with a comprehensive security audit to determine the best way to protect your business.

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Loss Prevention

Using a combination of plain clothes and uniformed guards, our loss prevention services will help deter and detect theft, fraud and other criminal activity. Our guards are trained to identify risks and take appropriate action to prevent them from happening.

Why Choose Security One 2 One?

Security One 2 One provides industry-leading security solutions throughout Australia. We follow the regulations of each state and have the applicable labour hire licences, demonstrating our compliance with an employer's legal obligations like providing a safe workplace and paying correct wages.

Reliable Security

Our security guards are punctual, well-presented, and competent professionals. We also invest in continual training programs to keep our team up-to-date with the latest industry standards.

Competitive Rates

We pride ourselves on providing a professional security service at a competitive price without compromising quality or service. We can work with you to deliver a solution based on your budget. 

Security Risk Advice

From our experience, many clients aren't fully aware of their business security risks and prevention options. We can audit your business to highlight some security risks you might not have considered.

24/7 Operations

Our 24/7 operations centre provides round-the-clock security support for your business. If you need urgent support, one of our team members will be available, regardless of the time of day. 

Smart IT Solutions

We use IT solutions like intelligent workforce planning, tracking, time in attendance and compliance platforms to deliver effective security services to our clients across industries. 

Key Industries

Security One 2 One provides security services for a wide range of industries in Australia. No matter what your security needs are, we have a solution for you. Some of the sectors we serve include:

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Corporate Offices and Concierge

Our security team can provide security solutions to corporate offices and head offices throughout Australia. Whether you need security guards or a mix of solutions, including electronic security, we can help.

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Construction Sites

Construction sites are often high-risk environments and require a well-planned security strategy. Our security guards are experienced in construction site security, gatehouse security and theft and vandalism deterrence.

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Commercial, Manufacturing and Warehousing

Our industrial security solutions protect your premises, staff and visitors. We understand that every manufacturing or industrial facility has different needs, which is why we offer tailored security services. We also offer security services for logistics and warehousing

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Our team has experience providing security solutions to different levels of government throughout Australia. We understand the unique security risks and challenges associated with these types of premises and can offer a range of security services. 

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Aviation, Defence and Maritime

The maritime, aviation and transport industries have unique challenges. We offer a range of security solutions to businesses of all sizes, across Australia. We can provide security for shipping companies, ports, airport terminals dispatch centres.

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Our retail security solutions can help protect your business against theft and vandalism through a mix of tools, technology and professional security guards. We can also provide security for retail outlets.

Our Security Services

Security One 2 One provides security solutions to pre-empt malicious activity and security breaches for your business, regardless of size and location. Here are some of the services we provide:

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    Electronic security, including installation of CCTV, alarms and access systems
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    Control room operation (alarm, CCTV and access system monitoring & guard control)
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    Roving guards
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    Static security guards
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    Plain clothes and uniformed loss prevention services
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    Concierge security

Are Other Security Companies Letting You Down?

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Security One 2 One

  • Reliable service management

  • Diligent security staff

  • Provide continual training for guards

  • Pay guards correctly

  • Intelligent workforce tracking


Australia-Wide Security Services

Security One 2 One provides industry-leading security services throughout Australia. We have a network of security guards and control room operators who are trained to meet your security needs.

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