Why You Need a Security Guard for Your Small Business in Australia

October 13, 2016

why you need a security guard for your small business in Australia

Here at Security One 2 One we get that your business may have to contend with theft and vandalism. Some are more of a target than others; however, you will find a range of businesses hire security guards for peace of mind.

Our professionally trained security guards here in Australia can provide many benefits including crime prevention, theft prevention, and property security, and providing assistance to both customers and employees. We can assist you all over the country with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Maryville, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Here are the reasons why you need a security guard for your small business especially when it is located in Australia.

The Purpose of Having Security Guards in Australia

1. Security guards prevent and handle crime

The presence of a security guard is usually enough of a deterrent for criminals. Burglars want to quickly get in and out and look for the minimum. They will be able to recognise a situation immediately and take the best course of action.

Our guards pride themselves on their presentation. Having security personnel promotes your stance on the safety of your business. As well as working as a preventative measure, a well-trained guard also has the ability to take action. It may simply be a case of recording accurate details to provide to the police. Others may be able to detain suspects. What you want out of your security services is completely up to you. Our security guards will follow your procedures in the event of a crime.

2. Having a security guard provides peace of mind

Simply just knowing that you are being proactive in your security measures can offer peace of mind.

By choosing Security One 2 One, you are guaranteed a quality service to protect your business. It can aid employees to work more productively as they are assured that you care about their safety. It also provides a safe environment for customers. They can offer a presence to your business as well as monitoring services.

Security guards may be utilised to monitor surveillance cameras, perform background checks as well as restrict access to certain areas. Outline your expectations to our guards and they can help you with any particular areas you want them to focus on. This may include addressing a shoplifting problem; watch the premises out of hours or opening and closing duties.

3. Security guards can offer excellent customer service

When a customer or client comes to your business premises the first representative they encounter may be your security guard.

At Security One 2 One we train our guards not only in security but also customer service. They are professional, friendly and helpful whilst also meeting your security needs. They can help point customers in the right direction or act as escorts if needed.

Security guards are essential for small businesses in Australia to address crime and provide a safe and secure environment for your employees and customers. They can also provide excellent customer service skills to best represent your business.

Security One 2 One provides a high standard of security services all across Australia. Get in touch today to find out how a highly trained security guard can benefit your small business.


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