How to Theft Proof Your Solar Panels in Australia

October 16, 2018

How to Theft Proof Your Solar Panels in Australia

Solar panels are expensive, but not as expensive as their cost of being stolen. 

They are relatively quick and easy to remove from roofs. All that is required to make off with them is a truck, an ingenious mind and a few handyman tools.

Earlier this year, thieves stole two solar panels worth $10,000 from a farm in Stawell, a small farming community located in the Wimmera, Victoria.

It’s not the first time solar panels have been stolen, and it won’t be the last time, either.

Ignorance is bliss – it doesn’t have to be.

You are at risk if you are a farmer or a business owner who has installed solar panels on your property.

Thieves are as quiet as cats are. In a theft that left Wyreema farmer Paul Finlayson out of pocket by $10,000, thieves stole 20 panels in an operation they conducted audaciously over two nights.

So how do you prevent thieves from stealing your solar panels? Motion sensors. They are the answer.

Use Motion Sensors to burglar proof your solar panels

Imagine the solar panels on your roof fitted with motion sensors.

Motion sensors are infrared motion detectors that detect infrared energy that is emitted. Infrared energy is given off by humans and animals in the form of heat.

When there is a sudden increase in infrared energy, an alarm is sounded. This alarm can be linked to lights that switch on suddenly on the roof—scaring the intruders away.

Or it can be linked to a monitoring device that we at Security One 2 One pick up and investigate on your behalf using remote control cameras and an extensive network of people we have in place.

Why lose your investment?

Keep your investment safe.

It doesn’t cost much to monitor and protect your investment. The cost of monitoring and responding is ‘well below’ the cost of having your entire investment stolen from under your nose.

To learn more about a security plan to put in place to help you safeguard your investment in solar panel technology, contact Security One 2 One.


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