The Importance of Security Guards in Retail

October 18, 2017

The Importance of Security Guards in Retail

According to statistics published in 2014-2015 Global Retail Theft Barometer, retail crimes like shoplifting and employee and supplier fraud cost the retailer’s losses to be in the millions every year. Because of this and other crimes, the retail industry has become more focused towards security.

Store staff is inexperienced to handle shoplifters. They are afraid of potential scenarios that could turn violent. Because of this, many shoplifters are allowed to go free. Every retail store owner needs to consider prevention of theft. A profit and loss perspective is necessary. But a safe, secure environment for employees is an even more important point of consideration.

Therefore, it is important to employ experienced guards from a reputed security firm. 

Security Threats in Retail Business

Internal threats

Shoplifting is definitely a major cause of loss to retailers. However, employee theft is another important factor. This makes it more challenging for retailers. They might be unaware of the fact that their employees are stealing. Loss prevention officers can step in as they are knowledgeable on suspicious behavior and activities.

Undercover security guards can blend in with other customers to not alert thieves. They can also use video surveillance equipment and communicate with other security personnel to monitor the situation. Hiring security guards will provide the appropriate expertise required to handle the challenges of the retail industry.

External threats

Shoplifters are one of the most common external threats to retailers. Apart from that, security guards can step in in case of organized crime. Since the officers are trained to spot threats, it lessens the chances of theft happening in your store or business.

A good security firm will provide several services. They will help in loss prevention, store security, rule enforcement, analyze security threats and plan accordingly. Having qualified guards around aids in peace of mind and provides an environment of safety to other employees. Therefore, it is important to choose the right security company for your needs. The right company will ensure exceptional customer service behaviors and trustworthy service.

Security One 2 One is one such company that are educated on how to handle potentially dangerous situations, from both internal and external threats. We have professionally trained security guards that know how to handle situations that may arise from shoplifting, trespassing, and even safety hazards.

Our prices are unbeatable and we offer exceptional quality services. Call at 1300 129 071 for all your retail security service needs.


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