What Security Guards Can Do For You

March 17, 2018

what security guards can do for you Australia

We know that security guards are important for businesses and homeowners in Australia. There are some questions that a person might have regarding them, what exactly they do and what powers they have.

Today’s post will help you decide when and why exactly to consider services of a professional security guard for your business or personal needs.

Security Guards Powers in Australia

Security guards are employed at many places, like shopping centres, concerts, night clubs or even on other people’s properties. While they are not police officers, they do require proper license in compliance with the Australian law.

For property owners, guards can help in protection, surveillance, and preventing crimes. If a guard has sufficient suspicion of a crime, they can help you get a suspect arrested by calling the local authorities, or even taking some action himself.

What they cannot do is that without permission, they are not allowed to search a person. But places like shopping centres and clubs might require rules that state mandatory consent to searches. If a person refuses to comply with the building’s rules, they can make sure that such people are not allowed to be let in.

They can also ask you to leave such premises. If you do not, you can be found guilty of trespassing. Security guards have the right given by their property managers to ask you for your name and address. If a guard is at a club or pub, they can ask to see I.D. For places like private shops and boutiques, you can be banned according to the store’s own rules and regulations. Remember, simple notices like “admission is conditional” can be used to avoid unwanted guests or trespassers.

How We Help Maintain Peace and Decorum

Security One 2 One knows you need to be able to rely on your guards to provide trustworthy security guard services. We are also aware that professional security guards should have the confidence in their abilities in order to perform their duties to the maximum extent. For us, professionalism and customer services are high priorities.

Our team of highly trained guards are polite and know how to put the interest of the clients first. For any questions you may have, contact us.


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