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September 13, 2023

Security One 2 One

We may not be the biggest player in the market, but Security One 2 One is different in that we like to do things properly nonetheless.

We are agile and responsive, and our teams are engaged with our clients every day and we are always working to ensure we are listening to our clients, not just providing the basic security services.

Our General Manager Stephen Butt CSM always reminds us in our weekly operations meetings that it’s very important that Security One 2 One is a proactive company rather than a reactive one, to ask what our clients need before they tell us what they need. 

Here are the reasons why Security One 2 One takes pride in being a proactive security guard service company.

Why is Being Proactive Important in Business?

1. To create a relationship and build trust with clients

Clients are always bigger than the company, as said by our National Operations and Compliance Manager Dragan Stojanovski in one of our weekly operations meetings.

Security One 2 One not only focuses on providing excellent security service but also focuses on having a great relationship with our clients and building their trust. 

We believe that having a relationship with our clients helps us understand their security needs better and develop the perfect plan and solutions to meet those needs.

2. To respond quickly to customer feedback

Here at Security One 2 One, we are committed to providing excellent customer service. We value our clients and we take their concerns seriously. We prioritise to listen to their concerns, take action and address them right away.

We tailor our services based on our client’s needs, not what we want them to need or what we feel they should have. We believe in partnerships and that means always listening and adjusting service delivery as our clients’ operations evolve.

3. To increase efficiency and effectiveness

As a security guard service provider, being proactive allows us to anticipate potential security problems before they even happen and to take precautionary measures to avoid them. This results in making our operations more efficient and our staff more productive.

4. To encourage professional development

A proactive company inspires its staff to be proactive too.

We value investing time into our greatest asset, the guards, by continually providing them with impactful in-house training and assessment programs.

We also encourage our entire staff to have a proactive mindset because it inspires them to take initiative, improve their work performance, develop their skills and grow in their career. This also promotes collaboration and teamwork, as our staff are more likely to work together to find solutions.

5. To help us improve in all aspects

We always strive to do better than before and being a proactive company helps us achieve that. 

By being proactive as a company, we constantly communicate with our clients, actively gather feedback which help us identify and provide what our clients need, improve the company as a whole and stay up to date with security industry trends.

We make it a priority to be a proactive member of the community as well. Our Indigenous Engagement Program acknowledges and respects Indigenous communities by embracing cultural diversity.

Through our Indigenous Engagement Program, we actively seek to engage Indigenous-owned businesses as suppliers and subcontractors. By supporting local Indigenous enterprises, we contribute to their growth and help build sustainable economic opportunities within their communities.

Not Just Another Security Company in Australia

Security One 2 One believes that good customer service is not exclusive of good security practices.

We understand the balance between discreet security operations and delivering great customer experiences on behalf of our client.

Security One 2 One is not just another security company, but one that is proactive in helping improve standards and delivering value through consistent repeatable quality service.


About Security One 2 One

Security One 2 One is Australia's #1 trusted security centre, offering a range of services to government and corporate clients. If you need security guards, electronic security or control room operations, we're the company you can rely on.

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