Why does the Women’s World Cup trophy need Security?

August 30, 2023

Why does the women world cup trophy need security?

Security One 2 One had the privilege of providing close protection of the Women’s World Cup trophy on Saturday August 19th 2023 in New South Wales.

The trophy was on display at Pennant Hills Park in Sydney for public viewing before Spain’s La Roja’s glorious win in the Women’s World Cup Final against England’s Lionesses at Stadium Australia.

It was a wonderful community event for football fans to view the trophy in real life which was sponsored by Qatar Airways. There was a lot of people who attended the outdoor event, including young students and people from the media, in which meant only one thing to us: SECURITY.

We would like to share with you why it was so important to have SECURITY for the Women’s World Cup trophy event whilst on tour.

Security Personnel Safeguard the FIFA World Cup Trophy for Three Reasons

1. To protect its value

The Women’s World Cup trophy was elegantly designed by William Sawaya and handcrafted in Milan. It is a spiral with a football at the top. It represents athleticism, dynamism, and elegance in women’s football, as stated by FIFA.

A trophy that symbolises a monument of victory must be protected for its prestige and sentimental value particularly when professional athletes around the globe compete for the glory of lifting the World Cup trophy.

2. To prevent damage or theft 

The Women’s World Cup trophy weighs 4.6 kilos and is 47 centimeters in height. It is made of sterling silver and covered in 23k white and yellow gold. It is worth thousands of Australian dollars.

It is one of the most expensive and sought-after trophies in the world. Having security to protect it prevents it from being damaged, mishandled, or stolen.

3. To provide authoritative presence

In the world of sports, winning the trophy represents excellence and honour. It serves as a recognition for the best team and a reminder of the importance of dedication, sportsmanship and teamwork at an international level.

In the world of security, having qualified and experienced guards on site represents a safe and secure environment. Placing security where an irreplaceable trophy is being displayed creates a secure and risk-free environment for both the staff and people who are viewing it. The guard’s visible presence also has a deterrent effect that discourages anyone to do any harm to the trophy or to an attendee.

Are you looking for a professional Security Service?

Here at Security One 2 One we take securing the trophy to a whole new level.

Our security guards are trained to protect expensive and valuable things such as an international trophy from damages, theft, vandalism, and from individuals who might not treat it with respect. They ensure that visitors do not mishandle the coveted item especially when it is on display for public viewing. Security One 2 One guards also provide a safe and risk mitigated environment for visitors and staff.

If you would like to know how we can secure your company’s or organisation’s event, feel free to drop us a message or call us at 1300 129 071 any time.


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