The Benefits of Having Security Guards For Your Business

May 4, 2016

benefits of having security guards for your business in Australia

Having well-trained and reliable security guards can not only prevent criminals from your premises but they can also protect the important people in your company, your employees.

Here are some of the benefits of having security guards for your business here in Australia.

Why Hire a Security Guard Service Provider for Your Business?

Peace of Mind

With the internet and social media making us more aware of criminal activities, having a security guard can bring peace of mind. Taking this proactive step deters burglars and vandals from targeting your premises. It also reassures customers and employees that their safety matters to you. Businesses in areas with a high level of crime or have expensive goods would significantly benefit from the service of security guards.


Simply having a security professional at your premises can deter any unwanted behaviour. Thieves don’t want to get caught and will look elsewhere for easier targets. Your security guard is trained in perceiving suspicious behaviour and is more attuned and will take action accordingly. Cameras and other technological surveillance methods are also great for putting off criminals, however, these can be vandalised and a security guard can prove more effective simply with their presence.

Customer Service

Whilst security guards offer a service to protect people and property they also possess customer service skills. A guard can be used to man a front desk or as the first port of call to a restricted access area. A security professional can prove helpful to customers pointing them in the right direction within the building for example. They can also prove valuable as an escort for employees or customers getting to their vehicle if they feel unsafe for any reason. Interacting with people is a big part of the job and security guards must offer top quality customer service.

Addressing Crime

A security professional will uphold your businesses practices when it comes to handling criminal activity. This may involve security guards detaining criminals until the police arrive. It may require the guard to simply record detailed reports of behaviour or provide profile descriptions.

Various Roles to Achieve Security

A security guards role can involve monitoring video surveillance, checking credentials, searching for contraband or controlling admission to an area. The security professional can be given specific goals including; watching for shoplifters, monitoring the premises after hours or opening and closing duties. Relinquishing these jobs to a security guard allows employees to simply get on with their jobs and takes away the stress of dealing with security issues.

A security guard can greatly benefit your business. It enables a safer and more secure environment whilst deterring criminal activity. It allows you and your employees to focus on your roles whilst proactively addressing your security by outsourcing to a security guard company.

Security One 2 One have professional security guards to service your business across Australia.


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