Why You Need Event Security for Your Wedding in Australia

August 24, 2016

event security staff for your wedding in Australia

With all the planning involved with a wedding, you may not have given the security part a second thought.

To save you time and to help lessen the stressful things you need to deal with, here’s how you can know if you need to hire event security for your wedding in Australia.

3 Benefits of Having a Security Service at Your Special Day

1. Deter Wedding Crashers

You’ve paid a lot of money to celebrate your wedding with family and friends, and you don’t want to share it with strangers. There could be many reasons they want to make their way in and none of them are for your benefit. For example, some people can’t help themselves and will sneak their way in to enjoy alcohol and food at your expense. If you use a trained security personnel, they can thoroughly check the guest list, ensuring everyone present was invited by you. Event security can maintain professionalism whilst also being friendly and helpful by taking people to their tables for instance.

2. Protection for Your Gifts

You may be surprised by the generosity from your family and friends by the gifts and cash you receive. However, with extravagant gifts and money lying around, there is the risk that they can get stolen. Hiring a skilled event security staff can ensure a watchful eye is being kept on them without being intimidating to your guests. They can also look after belongings, including handbags to ensure the safety of all of your guests.

3. Responsible Service of Alcohol

There’s always that one guest who takes advantage of the open bar and peaks too soon. Event security staff can keep an eye on individuals and speak to the bar staff if there are any concerns. This ensures that no one causes a disturbance for the other guests as they can be quietly taken outside for water and fresh air. This prevents problems before they escalate

Other Duties of Event Security at Weddings

When it comes to the end of the night, the bar closes and everyone wants to leave. Security can ensure taxis are booked and people get to them safely. Anyone that is under the limit to drive can be escorted to their cars. An experienced event security personnel will be able to keep them safe whilst also being polite and friendly to put your guests at ease.

Event security can greatly benefit your Wedding in Sydney, as they can deter wedding crashers and make sure your day or night runs smoothly with no hiccups. They can look after your gifts as well as people’s belongings. They can assist with getting everyone home safely by booking taxis and escorting guests to their cars.

Security One 2 One has highly trained security personnel who can adapt to any situation to provide a great service in a friendly manner.


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