DIY Alarm System Installations in Australia

November 18, 2016

diy alarm system australia

Most people fall under the Do-It-Yourself category, and when it comes to alarm system installation, often there is no difference.

Home security alarms vary, but many offer an uncomplicated installation, including the home, monitored security.

A Reliable Alarm System to Secure Your Home

Your home protection should always be the number 1 priority.

The days of door-to-door sales for technicians to install alarms are long gone. With today’s advancements in the security industry, sophisticated alarm systems include DIY alarm system installation so that homeowners can save on costs. The alarms can be purchased online at a fraction of the cost as compared to having the alarms installed.

With home security shifting toward safe cellular monitoring, homeowners do not want their home alarms using an Internet connection or vulnerable phone line to communicate with the monitoring centre.

Among the best DIY alarm system, the design of the built-in cellular radio is superb as you do not have the concern of the connection hook-up or it being damaged by a burglar.

Another feature that homeowners will find attractive is the wireless sensor. With wireless sensors, there are no wires to run, and no complicated installation. Property owners simply mount the sensors at entry points using a peel and stick adhesive, making the process one that is quite simple.

With alarm systems available nowadays, property owners get many more advantages than easy installation but also interaction. Be alerted through an email or text when someone enters the home when the system is armed or disarmed, and when you lose power are a few examples of the many advantages of today’s security alarms.

However, when choosing a security alarm system for your home, you want to choose a company that is reputable and offers high-quality products. Features should include:

  • A monitored system
  • Hard to hack
  • Sensor programming and setup
  • Interactive features
  • Built-in cellular radio
  • Home automation

The list could go on and on, but these are definite features to look for in a home alarm security system.

Security One 2 One offers homeowners all these options in quality home security alarms. Contact us to know more how we can help keep your home secured in Australia.


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