How to Deter Crime Than Have to Resolve It

July 19, 2018

how to deter crime sydney australia

All crime does to business is disrupt it. With more than years of experience in providing security to businesses, few companies in Australia understand this sector better than we do.

At Security One 2 One, when we develop a security plan for our clients, we employ something called The Deterrent Effect.

The Deterrent Effect is all about giving your business the security visibility it needs to ensure ‘wannabe criminals’ don’t make it a target for any nefarious activity they may have in their minds.

We Scare Criminals, Not Customers

At Security One v2 One, we have a very healthy understanding and appreciation for business. We realise that while our security guards must deter criminals, they must not deter customers from shopping or buying.

So, we choose our guards as carefully as we train them. All our security guards are educated and equipped with key skills such as empathy and intelligence before we put them onto your business.

Crime Will Not Take Place on Our Watch

Trained to recognise a mind up to no good, our guards will keep a close watch on them, but will not accuse them of theft or any crime before evidence to the same is collected via security cameras or other devices.

This is in consonance with Australian law, and to ensure our clients are kept legally safe from lawsuits or other action that could arise from a person being falsely accused of a crime they may not yet have committed.

Our Guards Provide Professional and Reassuring Presence

People shop and spend more, when they feel secure. This a psychological truth. So, we ensure the presence our guards provide is reassuring at all times.

We supply our guards with uniforms that are always neat, tidy and pressed. We insist, as part of our service contracts with them, that their hair is kept short, clean, combed and that their personal presence and attire matches our clients’.

Security is today a service, one that has to meet the exacting standards our clients place on us.

With a reputation for security guards who are educated, well trained, intelligent, empathetic and who work well in teams and with clients, we invite you to learn more about how we can help your business to maintain the professional standards its clients have come to associate with it.


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