The Benefits of Having a Security Guard

June 21, 2018

benefits of having security guard

Today’s post is to let you know why having a security guard is beneficial. These are also some of the reasons why are clients hired our security services here in Australia.

Safety at your door!

Though the 21st century has made the times more advanced and secure with security systems and burglar alarms, there are always cases where the burglar is smart enough to hack into the security system somehow.
Hence, having a manned security guard provides a sense of security as well as ensures that a problem is dealt with properly even if the computers fail you.

Preventive over curative

Having CCTV Cameras can help you identify thieves but having a security guard at the entrance will probably be the safest because the thief would probably not even consider robbing you if there is someone guarding your store or apartment. Not only does it reduce the likelihood of you getting robbed but also gives you the security you need in case someone does attempt a robbery.

So, it is always a better idea to prevent a robbery from occurring than looking for the thieves after the deed has been done.

Also, construction sites often get robbed because of all the valuable and expensive construction tools. Sometimes though, it is only kids messing around but most of the times, when someone enters a construction site it is to steal the goods.

A manned-up entrance would mean no more unwanted guests!

Strong protection against damage

Security guards provide protection in ‘real time’ unlike CCTV cameras and other security systems. While electronic security systems only alert the residents or try and prevent break-ins, a security guard will be able to fight back and send the criminal to jail and prevent many more robberies from happening in the neighbourhood.

It is more likely that a security guard will notice a break-in before CCTV does and hence, they are more responsive and a better solution to your security issues.

Multi-purpose job

Security guards can serve in more than one ways. When not saving your property from thieves and burglars, they can detect gas leaks or weather damage to your house on other days or simply just bring in the mail for you on regular days.

Events and offices become more successful if they are manned with security guards because they add to the sense of security giving you more guests at an event and more customers in the case of a business.
Security One 2 One provides you with highly qualified security guards that are the best at what they do. Contact us for a secure future at 1300 129 071.


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