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Why Security Services Are Important For Educational Institutes

A very important part of Australian society is educational system. These institutes help the next generation grow to be knowledgeable, tolerant, mature and successful people who are capable of leading the country towards further growth. The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that there are 3.8 million school students as of 2016.

However, it’s not always as rosy as we may like to believe. All educational institutes face the challenges of finding security for both students and staff, due to factors like location, demographics or budget constraints. Each educational facility has its own set of needs with respect to security services. Depending on demographics or geographical area, security presence may be a necessity for everyone’s well being. The question is what areas should educational institutes focus on with regards to security?

Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Issues

The most common issue faced among students is bullying. It takes a toll on the victims both mentally and physically. A statistic given by Australian Security Magazine showed said that one quarter of students are victims of bullying. 9% are being victimised weekly. Anti-discrimination laws are lacking, which leaves many students without protection.

This is where Security Guards for Educational Department or even CCTV can step in to help. These people and tools can ensure bullying and discrimination is as less as possible. Security guards can discreetly watch interactions between students. They are trained to recognise when intervention is required.

Observing Illicit Behavior

Drug and alcohol use in educational institutes is also a pressing matter of concern. Substance abuse, criminal activity, or any other illicit behavior can be a liability to educational institutes. Security guards can ensure both safety and health of students and staff, as well as maintaining the reputation of your institute. Experienced and professional security guards can maintain a discreet and respectful presence while keeping a check on conduct of students.

Electronic Monitoring

You may need someone to access control technology to manage or restrict access to facilities from unauthorised personnel. This can be for both working hours or after hours. Secure technology is a crucial part to any security solution. A comprehensive access control system can track classrooms and lecture halls, among other facilities. CCTVs can deter possible criminals from malicious or damaging activities against your institution. It can also aid in crimes that occur by helping law enforcements identifying culprits.

Emergency Response

Educational institutes need to always be prepared for any emergency response planning. Security Guards can assist with emergency situations like physical threats, medical emergencies or crowd control. Protection of students, staff, and visitors in situations like these is extremely important. Trained security guards give peace of mind to every member in your institution. They can create adequate plans for any major as well as common potential emergency situations that may arise, like fires or elevator outages.

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