Why Are Security Guard Background Checks Important

June 19, 2017

Why Are Security Guard Background Checks Important

A security company needs to feel absolutely confident that you will take your two most important duties as a security guard seriously before they hire you.

The company needs to make sure that you will protect the people and property they put in your care. It is also very important to know that you would not come with any strings attached that could cause the company some legal trouble down the road.

Today’s post will help both the interested security professionals and our clients in learning about the importance of background checks.

Background Checks are Important in 3 Ways

A background check can reveal a lot about you.

1. They help prove you are honest
Whatever information you put on your resume, companies often double-check that to make sure you did not lie about your qualifications.

2. They protect companies from lawsuits
If a company hires a convicted criminal with or without knowing, that guard’s background could be used against them in case if something bad happens. The company can get sued.

3. They ensure insurance claims stay viable
The company is not able to file a claim for stolen property if they have hired a guard who has been convicted of theft in the past.

2 Instances in Which a Background Check Will be Performed on a Security Guard

There are generally two times when you can expect to be submitted to a background check. First, before the state issues you a guard card. Second, before a company hires you.

1. State-mandated checks
Although some states allow for extenuating circumstances but most of the states would not offer you a security guard if you have a criminal record.

2. Employer checks
To make sure the security guards are above board, smaller security companies depend on the state’s background check and licensing requirements. But if you have your guard card you are good to go.

However, larger security companies often do more in-depth checks because they offer specialised services, such as armed guards or protected deliveries. If a particular security post requires more responsibilities, more intrusive background checks would be done.

5 Things Employers Often Look for When Hiring a Guard

1. Previous employment and addresses.
2. Criminal background checks to search for convictions
3. Sex offender databases.
4. Driving records or else the company could be liable in the case of an accident.
5. Credit checks.

Never forget that as a security guard you are the first line of defence if something bad happens. Companies entrust the safety of their employees, customers, and property in your hands. A background check is a small price to pay to show them you are up to the task, considering what is at stake.
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