The Real Job of Static Security Guards

June 21, 2018

The Real Job of Static Security Guards

If you are unfamiliar with the term static guards then you might be confused about their job description. In contrast to their literary meaning, they are far from being just stationary.

Conducting regular and thorough patrols are one of the many vital duties of static security guards. Many people have the misconception that static security guards patrol to catch intruders, thieves, burglars or murderers.

The real job of static security guards and the main reasons for security patrols are:

1. To prevent your property from fire, flood and any sort of damage.
2. To prevent and reduce your company’s resources waste.
3. To prevent accidents from happening.
4. To detect offences and take actions to prevent them.

In order to ensure the element of surprise in case an incident occurs, static guards do security patrols at different times of the day and route. If an accident or a mishap occurs, the static security guards always log in the incident in the appropriate incident book to serve as an important evidence if the police need to be called.

All of our static guards here at Security One 2 One remain in communication with other colleagues and control centre so in case a contact is lost between any guards, an immediate action to investigate the cause is taken.

The Advantages of Having Static Security

Reduce environmental impact

Security One 2 One gives special training to our static guards to switch off unnecessary lighting, saving you money by reducing energy bills. We do realise the environmental issues and our static officers make sure that the cost of wasted energy is cut down and help to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Make sure the rules and regulations are being followed

Security One 2 One static security guards also make sure that all the rules and regulations laid down by your company are being obeyed by the each and every staff such as the no smoking policy. The physical and intellectual property of your organisation is safeguarded at all times.

Peace of mind

Your business is upgraded with an added level of watchful security and intelligence gathering, thanks to our security patrols, which help to prevent an incident from occurring in the first place.
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