How Construction Equipment Theft Can Be Prevented

October 16, 2018

How Construction Equipment Theft Can Be Prevented Australia

Construction equipment can set you back a few quid. It’s expensive and builders have little choice but to leave it on the sites they’re working at.

Construction equipment like Bobcats, Komatsus, earth movers, even hammers, shovels, spades and cement mixes are attractive items to thieves to make off with, if left unguarded.

There is no point in having a full-time security guard in charge of a construction site. The costs simply don’t make sense.

If you’re a builder, a construction site manager, an owner of a property, or you work for a construction company, it is more useful to outsource security to a company specialised in safeguarding a construction site from crimes and keeping your equipment and staff safe.

You need trained and licensed security to protect a construction site from thieves

Our security guards are well trained and fully aware of the lapses that can occur on construction sites.

They will follow processes established over years of experience in the field and that are proven to keep the goods of our clients secure.

Construction services we provide include:

  1. Signing contractors in and out
  2. Record visitor contractors and cross-reference with the site foreman/supervisor for approval to conduct work
  3. Gate House Security to monitor staff and visitors access including vehicle checks
  4. Delivery handling
  5. Promote Health and Safety on site
  6. Mobile Patrols
  7. Theft and vandalism reduction
  8. Onsite CCTV monitoring for rapid reaction to intruders
  9. Security Fencing
  10. Safety Tracking for onsite staff
  11. Internal and external foot patrols
  12. Daily occurrences logged down
  13. First AID
  14. Traffic control
  15. Conflict resolution
  16. Cross-referencing with contractors that white card is visible
  17. Log on and off contractors’ attendance time and leave time


Your goods are as valuable as your reputation

Why leave either as an open invitation for thieves to steal?

At Security One 2 One, we will do a thorough review and audit of your security procedures, identify the places where lapses are most likely to occur, develop and present a ‘fully costed’ plan to prevent these lapses, following which we will implement and manage it on your behalf for a very competent fee.

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane, a reputation for providing customer satisfaction and service delivery—plus affiliations with the ASIAL and Master Builder Association, Security One 2 One is a competent choice to look after the assets—after hours—of any business engaged in property, construction or building in Australia.

If you would like to know more about how we can help your business secure its site, please contact us at 1300 129 071.


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