Security One 2 One have a wide range of offerings but not limited to:

  • Static guards;
  • Undercover Security Guards;
  • Plain clothes security guards;
  • Risk management plan;
  • Conflict resolutions plans;
  • Security plans;
  • Security programs;
  • Assessment procedures;
  • Continuous site review for constant implementation strategies;
  • CCTV camera installation;
  • Fraud and investigation policies and procedures;
  • Remote camera monitoring from smart phones;
  • Diplomatic talk to customers and unwanted guests;
  • Assistance of customers;
  • Customer service;

Retail Outlets Security Guards: is one of the known security service in the security industry. Many tenants in retail centres have continuous unwanted guests stealing belongings that is simply not theirs. At Security One 2 One, we have plans and procedures in ensuring your goods are not stolen when we are present.

At Security One 2 One, we offer a wide range of services to ensure your RETAIL OUTLET is trading in a safe environment with the most minimal stress for your tenancy and employee staff. Call Security One 2 One today OR Contact Us Online to obtain a free quote.