Security One 2 One can offer you a wide range for Warehouse, industrial and logistics security needs from:

  • Static guards;
  • Mobile Patrols;
  • Security fencing;
  • Security signage;
  • Complimentary risk assessments;
  • CCTV installation;
  • Alarm responses;
  • Continuous site auditing;
  • Security plan;
  • Security programs;

Warehouse, Industrial & logistics security: industrial premises often pose many challenges when it comes to security. From construction sites, warehouses to factories that are often vast, open air, remote locations it can be extremely challenging to secure these areas. With this in mind here at Security One 2 One, we have invested our years of expertise and experience into devising industrial security solutions that overcome these obstacles and provide you with the protection and safety your industrial site needs.

With material theft on the rise and industrial sites often located away from the passing public and local authorities. This is why here at Security One 2 One, we will survey your industrial building or site so that we understand exactly where you are most at risk and can implement the correct procedures to keep all that’s important to you from free of damage and theft. With a variety of services, we will work with you to decide which would be most beneficial and tailor these services to provide you with the best level of protection. Whether it is mobile patrols that your building needs to cover all points of your site or it’s a static guard you need to keep watch over a particular susceptible area, we at Security One 2 One have the solutions.

Industrial sites not only need a static security guard and CCTV, but fencing and security signs is a positive way of directing any potential criminals away from the site. Security One 2 One experts will accommodate your industrial security needs.

Security One 2 One static guards can provide onsite:

  • Gate house security;
  • Continuous foot patrols throughout the premises;
  • Professional dress code with high visibility shirts for security presence;
  • Vehicle registration registers;
  • Call police if need be;
  • Continuous phone call correspondence with the Security One 2 One 24/7 control room;
  • Security vehicle on site with company signage, continuous drive around on a 15 minute basis;
  • Checking shutters of each ware house;
  • Checking of doors to each warehouse;