Continuous implementation to the corporate sector can include:

  • Updating Risk Management plans;
  • Enforcing Occupational Health & Safety Policies;
  • Enforcing Hazard Identification, risk management and risk control procedures;
  • Ensuring Safe Work Practices are being carried out in the corporate sector;
  • Incident Reporting;
  • Site Inductions for contractors;
  • First AID;
  • Continuous monitoring of CCTV;
  • Daily occurrences recorded;
  • Many more;

Security One2One corporate Security Static GuardCorporate businesses are an ever-growing sector, and to match the growth of profits and employees, security measures also need to be stepped up. With many years experience in delivering security to corporate clients, it means that we have a wealth of knowledge to provide a Variety Of Solutions for your business.

We can tailor corporate management plans according to your business with continuous updates and strategy implementation. By saying this, this means that we can facilitate your corporate security needs to the best and most efficient way.

Some of the roles corporate security guards undertake:

  • Ensure safety of the building and guests;
  • Playing essential roles in emergency and evacuation procedures;
  • Have knowledge of Fire Control Panels, procedures and alarm systems;
  • Customer Services to everybody;

Having Security One 2 One Management and security personnel, you will have a piece of mind knowing that everything is being run according to how it should be in the corporate environment.