Our Retail Security Services

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Security Guards

Our uniformed security guards actively deter theft and fraud, while plain-clothed guards provide an unobtrusive layer of protection and monitoring.

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Loss Prevention

We provide a full risk assessment and loss prevention strategies to minimise the risk of theft and fraud in a retail environment.

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Electronic Security Systems

We can advise on and arrange the installation of various electronic security systems to detect and monitor theft, including alarms, access control and intrusion detection systems.

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CCTV Monitoring

Our comprehensive CCTV systems will monitor activity in real-time, providing a crucial layer of security and evidence collection where necessary.

Are Other Security Companies Letting You Down?

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Security One 2 One

  • Reliable service management

  • Diligent security staff

  • Provide continual training for guards

  • Pay guards correctly

  • Intelligent workforce tracking

Retail Security Duties

Threats to retailers today have become more varied and complex. Our retail security encompasses various measures to protect against theft and fraud, ensuring the safety of the retail stores we work with.

  • Uniformed and plain-clothed security guards
  • 24/7 remote CCTV and security alarm monitoring
  • Control room operations
  • Asset protection and loss prevention strategies
  • Full-premise risk assessment
  • Mail screening
  • After-hours security patrols

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Our Reviews

Ali Dar
Ali Dar
Great company with professional guards
Vikram Singh
Vikram Singh
Wow!!! Recently seen their guards at Glenwood Sikh Temple, and can say this hand on heart that one of the most professional guards I have ever come across and very friendly. Well done Security one 2 one! Keep up the great work!!
Teresa Perrone
Teresa Perrone
What can I say. Having been dealing with Security companies for over 20 years. Security One 2 One has been the best provider so far. Unbelievable service and understanding our needs and wants Keep up the good work
Ells Auto Carlingford
Ells Auto Carlingford
Recently enlisted Security One 2 One to carry out a full assessment of my Security needs. Hands down to the team. Best level of service ever received from this industry sector. Even carry out a full follow-up making sure all Security needs were met.

Australia-Wide Security Services

Security One 2 One provides industry-leading security services throughout Australia. We have a network of security guards and control room operators who are trained to meet your security needs.

  • Sydney

  • Melbourne

  • Brisbane

  • Perth

  • Canberra

  • Darwin

  • Adelaide

  • Hobart

About Us

Security One 2 One is one of Australia’s most trusted security companies. We offer comprehensive retail security and loss prevention services to create a safer environment and protect your inventory. Following a bespoke approach, we offer a comprehensive risk assessment, trained security guards, and 24/7 surveillance to help minimise risks.

We are licensed in all states and have a strong national presence. We are committed to delivering excellent local service. Our team comprises highly trained professionals who maintain the highest service and protection standards.

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Retail Security Services For All Types of Businesses


Boutique Retailers

Boutique retailers often carry high-value merchandise, making them targets for theft regardless of size and location. Strong security measures are crucial to protect your store and products. We offer comprehensive retail security services to help minimise the risk of theft and loss in boutique retail stores.


Department Stores

Shoplifters often target large department stores with large crowds, plenty of activity, and high-value merchandise. Thieves can easily blend in and conceal stolen items. Our retail security solutions will address vulnerabilities and provide robust protection for your store.



Supermarkets are also considered easy targets due to their layout and high foot traffic. They often also have multiple entries and exits, making it easier to get away with theft. We can implement numerous security measures to prevent thefts, including CCTV monitoring, security alarm installation and guard services.


Shopping Centres

With the constant flow of people, the risk of theft, shoplifting, and other criminal activities can be higher in shopping centres. We provide effective security measures and round-the-clock surveillance to ensure shoppers feel a sense of safety, which can encourage them to spend more time and money.

Why Security One 2 One?

Trained and Experienced Security Guards

Our retail security guards operate professionally to keep customers and staff safe. They are vetted and trained in different security protocols, including surveillance, theft prevention, crowd control, and emergency response.

24/7 Offsite and Onsite Surveillance

We provide 24/7 offsite and onsite surveillance services to prevent theft and protect your people. Our advanced monitoring systems allow us to watch every corner of your retail store, even at night.

Competitive Pricing

We are competitively priced for the quality of our retail security services. Whether you need just security guards or a comprehensive list of services, we can help you.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

We prioritise a proactive risk assessment approach so we can identify the security challenges you may face in your retail business. This ensures we can anticipate and mitigate risks more effectively.