CCTV Installation: So what are the benefits of having CCTV installation? Below is a list of the advantages CCTV can provide for your business:

  • Help reduce the fear of crime;
  • Acts as a visual crime deterrent;
  • Helps detect crime and provide evidential material for court proceedings;
  • Helps assist with overall management;
  • Enhances community safety, assisting the economic well being of the area and encourages greater use of the town centre, shopping centres and Car Parks etc;
  • Supports the civil proceedings;

CCTV is becoming an integral part of crime control policy across the world. Our specialist team will install your CCTV system and provide its maintenance, regulate it accordingly and even manage it for you. CCTV security systems offer 24 hours eyes on your premises from as many angles as your require, exterior, interior, LIVE monitored from our 24/7 control room, through an internet connection or simply recording just for evidence. We take the time to assess your needs and recommend the ideal application for your business. The visual clarity of our CCTV cameras is second to none. Many of our systems can recognise a lot of detail, and can work in pitch darkness, bringing images right up to daylight levels.

Alarm Installation: the primary alert sounded in case of emergencies, our staff will install the newest technology alarms in areas of high risk where thefts are most likely to occur.

Access control: Allowing access in certain areas using automated cards.

CCTV & Alarm Monitoring: As part of our CCTV & Alarm monitoring services, we have a 24/7 hour control room which is in liaison with our mobile patrol and alarm response team which is available to custom made, suit your individual needs.