Security One 2 One Management and guards can cover a wide range of services for College and University security, but not limited to:

  • Risk management classes;
  • Continuous improvement to site;
  • Assist students on classes and matters;
  • Fire stairs walk around;
  • Assist fire brigades to control room;
  • Stress management for students;
  • Consult teachers on aggressive and rude students;
  • Teachers, professors back up;
  • Continuous foot patrols;
  • Crowd control;
  • Car park security;
  • Allocate visitor parking spots;
  • Provide access cards;
  • Data entry;
  • Computer skills;
  • Customer service;
  • Conflict resolution programs;
  • Violence and aggression;
  • Continuous implementation of current strategies;

At Security One 2 One, we offer security solutions to Schools, Colleges and Universities to suit your security needs.

Are you worried about dropping your kids off to school knowing the danger in today’s world. We can help you be stress free by showing you security is present when your children at school. We offer security management plans to parents and teachers in case of a potential threat, so that teachers can also train students if something arises and parents can have a piece of mind knowing there is highly trained professional Security Guards continuously updating and implementing security plans, be it for primary school or high school. By having a Security One 2 One guard present, we will show parents that security presence is around when dropping your children to school as well as how serious the school takes security concerns for the private property premises.

Security One 2 One management and guard’s can assist primary and high schools with:

  • Continuous strategies for implementation of site safety;
  • Risk management plans;
  • Student safety plans;
  • Evacuation procedures;
  • Assist students where class room and buildings are located;
  • Customer service at front desk in school office;
  • Continuous walk around;
  • Security presence;
  • Educate students and teachers;
  • Bomb threat procedure protocols;
  • Crowd Control;

Security One 2 One can also provide:

  • CCTV Installation;
  • Alarm, access control installation;
  • Mobile patrols after hours;
  • Security consultancy;
  • Alarm responses;

By hiring Security One 2 One, we will facilitate all your security needs as a one stop shop. Call us today to obtain a free quote.