In the hospital environment, Security One 2 One guards can ensure:

  • Abusive guests and patients spoken to diplomatically;
  • Abusive guests and patients are escorted from the hospital;
  • Patients with mental conditions who need medicine have security presence to ensure hospital staff are not violated in any way from the patient;
  • Locking and unlocking of Car Parks;
  • Assist guest and customers where to go;
  • Break up of potential fights;
  • Foot patrols of all floors and levels to show security presence;
  • Locking and unlocking of hospitals;
  • Assist Police if need be;
  • Opening doors for hospital staff when needing access;
  • Pushing of hospital beds with patients throughout the floors and levels;
  • Meeting Fire Brigades at the Fire Control Room when an alarm arises;
  • Access control/front desk animation during or after hours;
  • Emergency service;
  • First AID;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Theft prevention;
  • Confined space emergency response;
  • Many more and other duties stipulated by the client;

Hospital Security: is a common security guard service in the security industry. At Hospitals, it is a must for the people from the public, doctors and nurses to feel safe due to the angry patrons and patients that come in and be quite abusive to the hospital staff. Therefore, Security One 2 One can facilitate your protection needs in working in hospitals to ensure the public feels safe and secure.

Hospitals is a big part to everyday life and people have to ensure they feel safe in the hospital environment as people’s lives are at stake and safety is the biggest concern to all people in the hospital environment.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are some of the most active public places in Australia, and since most facilities want to maintain an open-door policy, they are vulnerable to criminal activity if left unprotected.

The unique challenges of protecting patients, employees and property while maintaining privacy and continuity of care in an open environment requires a partner with the experience and ability to work with all levels and sizes of healthcare facilities to create security programs that fit unique budgets, layouts, and security needs.