Security One 2 One security guards can assist with:

  • Traffic Control;
  • Calling a tow truck;
  • Clamping of vehicle tyres;
  • First AID;
  • Reporting of daily occurrences;
  • Consultation with the public guests;
  • Reporting of damaged property;
  • Call maintenance workers;
  • Liaison with building management;
  • Many more and other duties stipulated by client;

Car Park Security: is a big demand in the security industry. Have you ever had a problem where a member of the public has tried to take your parking spot when you were present first or have been blocked in from another vehicle and you cannot get out, Security One 2 One highly professional security guards can ensure that you are stress free from situations like this.

We have signage on every post of the car park stating the security company and the telephone numbers to call. The numbers that are present on the wall posts is the Security One 2 One 24 hours control room and the telephone number of the admin office where a Security Guard is present. This will ensure that when you are stuck, you look to your left or right, and you will see a telephone number present to call. The onsite security guard will make his way over the rectify your issues immediately.