When it comes to Close Personal Protection, Body guarding & VIP Security, we can assist you with:

  • Security Planning
  • Customised solutions;
  • Discreet, unobtrusive service;
  • Professional behaviour;
  • Personal Security Solutions
  • Bodyguards;
  • Discreet shadowing/surveillance;
  • Property surveillance guard;
  • Chauffeurs/guards;
  • Visiting VIP Protection
  • Security team comprehensive solution;
  • Secures all movements;
  • Crowd control;
  • Media control;
  • Stalker/groupies control;

At Security One 2 One, we have a number of ways of making you feel safe and secure. We can supply you with the state of the art on site security solutions and bodyguard services to meet your needs and ensure any close personal protection security issue you may have is properly and promptly addressed.

Security One 2 One services the business principal, and we base our close personal protection services on the understanding of all our client’s needs. All of our client’s needs is different and therefore the solution must be diverse and unique. Security One 2 One formulates tailor made services to each and every individual clients needs. At Security One 2 One, there is nothing we cannot do. This is what makes the quality of our service unique.