Most Strata Management sites have an onsite static security guard that helps the owner occupiers and tenants to the building with the securing of:

  • Lock and unlock of Gym facilities;
  • Lock and unlock of Tennis court facilities;
  • Watching cameras from the control room office;
  • Regular hour reports in log book of site daily occurrences;
  • Clamp of vehicles parking where not allocated to park;
  • Assisting contractors with access;
  • Locking and unlocking of lifts;
  • Constant signage placed on walls of updates;
  • Notifying residents of updates in building;
  • Compliance with strata company wants and needs;
  • Ensuring garages are secure;
  • Ensuring no property is left unattended;
  • Support to building manager;
  • Hitting probe points throughout the premises;
  • Writing of Incident reports;
  • First AID;
  • Customer Services;
  • Security areas where water leakage to ensure safety to owners/occupiers;
  • Assist Fire Brigades to control room for de activation of alarms;
  • Assisting customers and guests in visitors parking;
  • Mobile Patrols after hours inclusive of a fifteen minute walk around on site;
  • Installation of CCTV cameras, alarms and access control;
  • Alarm responses after hours;
  • Many more and other duties stipulated by client;

Strata Management Security: is another high demand in the security industry. Strata Management Security can consist of services i.e. security guard, alarm responses, Mobile Patrols, building managers, traffic control and many more.

When hiring a security guard from Security One 2 One for strata building, we will accommodate all your building needs and expectation in ensuring that your strata premises is safe and secure at all times whilst we are on shift. We would put a building protocol together before commencement to ensure that we carry out security services according to the clients expectations. Daily protocols will be a continual amendment as all clients always have ongoing changes within strata and building security.

Not only we provide building security, we also provide building managers to strata buildings for strata manager companies. Building managers are a key investment to a strata building and are a big key to the building and strata success. Building managers duties can consist of but not limited to:

  • Fire testing;
  • Hiring of contractors to rectify building issues;
  • Attendance of strata meetings for updates;
  • Regular meetings with the committee residents;
  • Changes to building protocols and constant implementations;
  • Overlooking building budgets;
  • Transparent working relationship with security team;
  • Written letter notification to tenants who are behind on rent;
  • Building operation management;
  • Many more and other duties stipulated by client;