Who Benefits the Most From Our Alarm Monitoring Service?

  • People who are mostly away from their residence or who constantly have to travel for business purposes
    Individuals who own properties like vacation homes, remote penthouses and even far-off workshops
  • Single parents wanting to keep an eye on whoever comes and goes in their absence other than the sitter, housekeeper or caretaker
  • And who live alone and want a convenient way to regulate lights and temperature in their absence.

24 Hour Alarm Monitoring Services for Homes & Business in Sydney

The ability to keep ongoing tabs on the comings and goings at your home or office proves very advantageous. And, as the, you do want to have this convenience at your fingertips to perform 24×7 monitoring.

So, whether it is periodically keeping watch on all sales associates at your office or watching the activities of your nanny or sitter – investing in quality 24-hour alarm monitoring service does make lots of sense! More so, if your place of work/house has a history of theft and vandalism!

Security One 2 One; presents you round the clock alarm monitoring service across Sydney to help you stay connected with your security system- be it through any cellular device or web-synched computer. Regardless of where you are; you can securely access your home/business space and even control your installed security system- be it for recording live footage, or viewing pictures.

Also, as our home/business security alarm monitoring convenience gives you direct access to your installed security set-up, you will get a warning signal for any triggered sensor, along with a security alert to the nearest emergency services.

Reliable 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring Options for Homes & Offices/Businesses in Sydney

Our round the clock office/home security alarm monitoring service can be tailored as per your specific needs. It can be connected to a variety of devices such as home control systems, office computer system log-in, smartphones, office email and more.

And, Its Notifications Can Be Set Up To:-

  • Triggered alarms
  • Cancelled alarms
  • Door and window opening triggers
  • Logs of event history alarm triggers
  • Smoke Detection notification
  • Machinery fault alarms
  • Fire alarms
  • Toxic gas detection triggered alarms
  • Activity alerts in the event of anyone entering or exiting
  • Power alerts in instances of power failure or low battery performance

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