When it comes to mining, oil & gas fields, Security One 2 One can assist with:

  • Full site security;
  • Constant security management;
  • Consultancy on security issues;
  • Risk Management assessment and planning;
  • Personal protection;
  • CCTV monitoring;
  • Asset protection;
  • Mobile patrols;
  • Many more;

All mining, gas & oil corporations invest large amounts of capital into assets, resources, material goods, machinery and many more. With the recent increased threats from professional & organised crime gangs, the importance of mine sites, oil sites & gas sites has never been so red hot and on constant alert as it is today.

Security One 2 One currently provides Australia’s leading Security Service to a numerous amount of mining, oil and gas corporations.

We at Security One 2 One, can tailor your individual needs according to your site specific. Please call us today to obtain a free quote.