We offer the following solutions:

  • Security surveys
  • Profit protection team
  • Overt and covert officers

Plain clothes surveillance, loss prevention and investigations: our skilled investigators have proven track records and use a variety of equipment to blend into any working situation to achieve their objective. Logs are kept and evidence provided in both image and statement form for use in prosecutions. Security One 2 One incident management team can assist with the investigation of incidents or by providing preventative advice and recommendation reports.

We also have a comprehensive understanding of the laws relating to arrest and bag searches so that you can be sure we’re acting within the law when dealing with potential shoplifters.

Security One 2 One experts will audit your business, identify weaknesses and provide a recommendation report. We employ a dedicated profit protection team to test your systems or security systems we put in place. For example, entry removal of product. Information is gathered covertly by continual monitoring of your business outlets.