How to Conduct Effective Security Patrols? [Tips for Security Guards]

May 23, 2024

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Best Practices and Why Security One2One Can Help (Australia) 

Security patrols are the backbone of any security strategy, acting as a visible deterrent against crime and ensuring the safety of people and property. Whether you oversee a commercial building, a residential complex, or a vast industrial site in Australia, having well-trained and well-equipped security personnel conducting regular mobile security patrols, building security patrols, night security patrols, or even 24/7 security patrols is crucial. This blog post deepens into security patrols, exploring best practices to optimize their effectiveness. 

Planning for Powerful Patrols 

The foundation of successful security patrols lies in meticulous planning. Here are key considerations: 

  • Security Assessment:  Conduct an in-depth security assessment of your property. These include identifying vulnerable areas, potential threats, and security weaknesses. 
  • Strategic Patrol Routes and Scheduling: Designing patrol routes that comprehensively cover the entire property is a crucial aspect of effective security patrols. Incorporate a mix of fixed routes and random variations to keep potential intruders on their toes. Scheduling should be strategic, with more frequent patrols during high-risk times like evenings and weekends. This strategic approach to patrol routes and scheduling ensures that your property is always under the watchful eye of security personnel, deterring potential threats. 
  • Equipping Your Security Patrol: Provide your security personnel with the essential tools to perform their duties effectively. These include a flashlight (necessary for night security patrols), a two-way radio for constant communication, a first-aid kit, and a panic button for emergencies. Depending on the security needs, authorized defensive equipment might be required. 
  • Security Patrol Training: Invest in comprehensive security patrol training for your personnel. The training should cover observation skills, de-escalation techniques, first aid, CPR, report writing and emergency response procedures. 

Optimizing Patrol Strategies for Different Environments 

  • Mobile Security Patrols are ideal for large areas or properties with multiple locations. Mobile patrols offer a rapid response capability and a deterrent effect through their visible presence. 
  • Building Security Patrols focuses on securing a specific building or complex. Patrol officers should know the building layout, access points, fire exits, and emergency protocols. 
  • Night Security Patrols are crucial for deterring crime during off-hours. Nighttime patrols require heightened awareness and flashlights or night vision equipment for optimal visibility. 
  • 24/7 Security Patrols provide the highest level of security by having security personnel present throughout the day and night. It is ideal for high-risk environments or facilities requiring constant vigilance. 

Technology and Communication: Enhancing Patrol Efficiency 

Security technology can significantly enhance the effectiveness of patrols. Consider integrating the following: 

  • GPS Tracking Systems: Allow supervisors to monitor patrol routes and ensure efficient coverage. 
  • Security Cameras: Remotely monitor critical areas and provide evidence in case of incidents. 
  • Mobile Data Terminals: Enable real-time communication, reporting, and access to critical information during patrols. 

Effective communication is paramount. Security personnel should be equipped with reliable two-way radios to maintain constant contact with supervisors and respond to emergencies promptly. 

The Cost of Security Patrol Services (Australia) 

The cost of security patrol services in Australia varies depending on several factors, including: 

  • Size and type of property: Larger areas or complex layouts require more personnel or extended patrol hours, increasing the cost. 
  • Frequency of patrols: More frequent patrols naturally cost more than occasional patrols. 
  • Security patrol training and experience: Highly trained and experienced security personnel might command a higher hourly rate. 
  • Location: Security service costs can vary depending on the geographic area within Australia. 

Three ways to potentially reduce the cost of security patrol services: 

  • Conduct a thorough needs assessment: This is not just a step; it’s a crucial foundation for a cost-effective patrol plan. By comprehending your security needs, you can prevent unnecessary expenditures and allocate resources where they are most vital. 
  •  Combine mobile patrols with static security posts: This strategy can optimize resource allocation in specific scenarios. 
  • Request quotes from multiple security companies in Australia: Compare services and pricing options to identify the most suitable solution for your budget. 

Why Security One2One Can Be Your Trusted Security Partner in Australia 

While implementing the best practices outlined above can create a robust security strategy, partnering with a reliable security provider in Australia can significantly elevate your security posture. Here’s why Security One2One should be your top choice: 

Australian Security Expertise: Security One2One isn’t just a security provider; it’s a local expert with a proven capability to navigate the intricacies of the Australian security landscape. Our understanding of local security threats and regulations ensures their strategies are tailored to your unique needs and circumstances. 

Comprehensive Security Solutions: Security One2One goes beyond just security guards. They offer a full suite of integrated security services, including electronic security systems, control room operations, and mobile patrols. This comprehensive approach instills confidence, knowing that Security One2One is equipped to handle any security situation, providing you with the highest level of protection. 

Real-Time Support: Security One2One provides unparalleled support through its Global Contact Centre, which operates 24/7 with real people ready to respond to security concerns. This constant availability ensures that no matter the time or location, you can rely on immediate, personalized assistance from knowledgeable professionals dedicated to maintaining your safety and security. The real-time support from Security One2One is not just a service, but a testament to their commitment to your security and peace of mind.  

Adhering to the best practices outlined in this blog can significantly elevate the security of your property, providing a sense of peace and reassurance. However, partnering with a reliable security provider like Security One2One takes your security strategy to the next level.  

Our tailored solutions and local expertise ensure that your security strategy is robust and responsive to evolving threats. With Security One2One, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to safeguarding your assets and providing peace of mind. This partnership represents more than just a service; it’s a valuable investment in your property’s security, guaranteeing you can rest easy knowing your property is well-protected. 


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