In a typical gaming venue, Security One 2 One twin gaming venue security officers will typically perform a number of duties including but not limited to:

  • Maintain high visibility to deter crime;
  • Make periodic interior and exterior patrols;
  • Escort high value movements;
  • Observe and report suspicious activity;
  • Provide cashier staff support;
  • Direct customers to appropriate area;
  • Assist staff with opening and closing procedures;
  • Escort gaming venue key management to their vehicles;

Gaming Venue Security Guards: the requirements of gaming venue security services can vary widely from one gaming venue to another. Services provided depend on the type of building (high rise, basement, street access, part of a larger complex and the requirements of the organisation). Security One 2 One Security Guards recognizes that your needs are unique and we will design gaming venue security services tailored to your individual needs. We start by performing an in-depth survey on your location, organization and security needs. We offer security services Australia wide we cover all major cities Sydney, Melbourne, Perth , Adelaide & Brisbane.

Security One 2 One provides highly trained personnel to staff your site, and we create site specific operating procedures and training manuals customized to fit your environment. Additionally, we provide support while maintaining security at your site, and we will be available to resolve any issues that may arise.