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The worst thing you can do to car park security is ignore it

Car Park Security Sydney

Car parks are a hotbed of crime – one security company has solutions that help car park owners, businesses and commercial establishments resolve it.

Car parks are a hotbed of crime. In July, earlier this year, the Daily Telegraph reports that a boy was stabbed in a car park in Sydney’s Balmain district.

In April 2017, Craig Butt and Deborah Gough reported in the Melbourne Age that ‘theft from a motor vehicle is the most commonly reported crime in Victoria.’

What an altercation in a car park can lead to – a fight

One vehicle backs into another, tempers flare, punches are thrown, these are situations that no business in their right mind wants to get involved in.

However, as a car park owner, when an event occurs in your premises, you may be held responsible for it. And that is why you need to take security as seriously as we do.

We give you the security your car park may fail to

The wave of crime we have seen in car parks indicate that the problem is not going to go away any time soon.

So, what do you do when you can’t find a solution? You outsource it.

With over a decade of experience in developing and implementing security solutions behind us for car parks, residences, office blocks, tenements, industrial establishments, businesses, commercial and other enterprises, we are a name you can trust to get your security needs right.

We will study your car park and develop a security solution – tailored to it

Car park security experts must take into account a range of factors that other business establishments may not necessarily need to.

Proximity to ‘help and assist’ points is key among them.

When we design a Car park Security solution at Security One-2-One, we make it a point to have signage with our ‘emergency assist’ numbers clearly displayed on it on every pillar in the car park.

We have databases that map when ‘incidents’ are most likely to occur, and we have guards physically present, if necessary, during these key incident times.

Qualified and trained, we believe prevention is better than cure

We monitor activity from our 24×7 control room and are in constant touch with our guards who are on the ground, on your premises.

We negotiate conflict that may occur between two customers and use trained sleuths to spot suspicious characters, so we can remove them from your premises before they create an incident that may create bad press for your company and the reputation that follows it.

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