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5 Factors A Security Guard Is Always Aware Of

Being a Security Guard isn’t an easy task. Their responsibility is different from a police office. A police officer has the license to actively involve themselves & respond to crimes immediately. They are fully trained in using their weapons when need be.

Where as a Guard takes up a preventive measure to deter violence & felony. When you Hire a Security Guard for your own personal or professional reason, make sure you familiarise yourself with the fact that a guard will always take up the role to face and prevent a crime by keeping open eyes, monitoring and reporting any felony they may encounter and not proactively involving in the crime itself. That is the police officer’s job, not your security guard’s.

A security defender has the ability to report the nearest police station if any serious issues arise. At Security One 2 One, we train our security guards in a manner that makes them the leading & most sought after guards Australia wide. The credit goes to all our hard working staff who take their task so seriously. During training, we ensure our guards are well aware of top 5 factors that are very important while they are on duty. The factors are:

1.Checking, Monitoring & Reporting

Most commonly, a person is hired for large gatherings; be it social, political or religious events. To avoid rowdy & unruliness among the crowds, to prevent from property damage & to protect lives, a security guard constantly monitors the areas, checking IDs & scanning the guests along with reporting instantly if they witness or sense any violence.

2.Quick Retaliation During Violence

If a violence occurs, a guard is fully aware to retaliate swiftly and properly, taking the necessary actions without being overly involved. A security guard from a Security Service Agency Firm stays alerted all the time & know all the steps to ensure the safest respond to crimes.

3.Always Attentive

A person is always observant of the surrounding. Their task is not only to deter crimes and violence but also to ensure safety for the people. This means a security guard has the ability to sense faulty electrical lines, smell burning cables or hear any suspicious sound coming within the premises and act accordingly.

4.Provide Warnings

If a guard is hired for a political event, for example, the first task of the guard is to notify the employers of all the circumstances they can face or incidence that can occur. Alerting the employers is important as they can base the preventive action accordingly.

5.Seeking Assistance

A guard is well trained in how to handle grave situations. Since they can’t deal with serious crimes themselves, the fastest & the best thing to do is to alert the police immediately. This will not only save lives of others, but also stop the situation before it goes out of hand.

These are some of the main factors a guard must be aware of. If you want to hire a reliable, trustworthy & a highly-trained security guard for any personal or professional gathering, call Security One 2 One today! Dial 1300 732 121.

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