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Cleaning Services Sydney
One2One Group provides a comprehensive service of high quality Commercial Cleaning, office cleaning and maintenance services. We cover the whole of the larger Sydney Metropolitan Area across an extensive range of industries and sectors.

Daily contract cleaning

At One2One Group we recognise that all of our clients are different and have very individual needs. We facilitate businesses of all shapes and sizes, tailoring our services according to the requirements of the customer. As many of our customers require an out of hours services, it is important that we provide a flexible package that accommodates these objectives.One2One Group realises the enormous impact a professional clean can make to the image of a company and those who visit, giving our customers confidence and reassurance. This can only be achieved by employing experienced and dedicated staff on all levels.

At One2One Group our experienced Business Development team arranges to come and see you and discuss in detail what your aspirations are. We will tailor a package that will complement the demands of your daily cleaning requirements. Our goal is to create a service that will run smoothly from the start. Our pricing is transparent to demonstrate that we will work as cost effectively as possible to meet with your budget.

We will discuss the individual needs of the cleaning team to ensure they start on the job smoothly. Before the commencement of any new business, our contract managers will visit the customer to discuss any concerns or reservations they may have. This will reassure them they are in safe hands.

If your business needs change, there will be times we need to alter and adjust your organisations’ services. We believe that communication and a proactive attitude enables us act quickly to change. Your contract manager and our help desk will be accessible on a daily basis to assist and advise when unusual or changeable circumstances occur.

Even if you do not require a daily clean, we are happy to discuss your options with you.

Amongst our extensive list of diverse clients, we clean Offices, Commercial organisations, Education Centres, Banks, Financial Institutions, Call Centres, Religious Institutions, Factories & Industrial Sites, Business Parks, Sports & Leisure Facilities, Transport, Railway Carriages External & Internal, etc.

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Commercial Window cleaning

One2One Group can provide a professional window cleaning service, leaving your windows so clean it will give the illusion that there is no glass! We will get to all those hard to reach places such as your business signs and gutters. Our window washing and high level cleaning team will leave your premises gleaming.

At One2One Group our professional team of window cleaners are capable of meeting all commercial window cleaning requirements. Using water fed poles and pure water technology our cleaning systems are environmentally friendly; we provide internal and external window cleaning services.

Our window and high level cleaning service includes:

Cleaning of doors and window frames
Sign cleaning
Gutter cleaning
Cleaning external cladding
External light cleaning
Stone and pavement blasting
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Full Building

One2One Group has many customers who are limited to the time frames where they can arrange a deep clean. Often weekends are not enough time to get the work completed.

Therefore we are entrusted and provided with keys to gain access to the building and lock up securely upon our departure. A thorough clean from top to bottom will take place. Amongst some of the requests are wall and painted ceilings washing. A carpet cleans throughout the whole premises using our dry fusion process. We will clean all edges, ledges and door frames. We are also asked to treat areas where mites are present. It is recommended that preventative treatments for mites and other insects are performed in the colder months before spring, to ensure the eradication of mites and insects.

Our other services include boiler room cleaning and periodic student accommodation cleaning.

We will arrange to come out and see you to discuss all your requirements and offer the best methods of practice prior to the work being carried out. The work will be performed by our experienced in house division

Office Deep Clean

Whether your offices could do with a periodic spring clean or you have made changes to the office space. One2One Group has the solution to your needs whatever the circumstances. We can provide a deep cleaning service tailored to you requirements. We offer an extensive range of services including, the cleaning of window blinds, wall washing, painted ceilings, low level and high level edging, floor and wall tiling.

In most cases this work has a requirement to be carried out when the offices are vacant, which means working at weekends. With our flexible service and experienced in house team, we are able to work with your needs by arranging a time frame suitable for you no matter what day of the week.

Prior to the work being carried out our consultant will visit you to discuss the Security Services and provide a suitable solution to your needs. A method statement and risk assessment will be completed along with our insurance documentation.

One2One Group specialises in the Complete Cleaning and Caretaking of Schools offering a 52 week per annum service.

In addition to the cleaning and caretaking we also conduct:

Monitoring of all health and safety requirements
Work in accordance with COSHH requirements
Conduct fire safety checks
Carry out specialist floor treatments
Conduct annual and deep cleaning processes
Provide a 52 week per annum full key holding service
Grounds and landscape maintenance
We also take safeguarding very seriously and all of our staff go through strict recruitment process and all have enhanced CR clearance.

We are aware that in our changing climate, people are concerned about ensuring that they are making their contribution towards a greener planet.

Cleaning Products: For this reason we can source and provide a wide range of quality Environmental cleaning Products to bring you the highest standard of cleaning together with an extensive variety of recycled paper polythene products.

Home Cleaning: We are happy to use any products you feel are most suitable for your home, and to carry out all Green Cleaning methods you adhere to. We can deal with recycling of all of your household waste.

Commercial Cleaning: We are also conscious of reducing energy consumption within a site by being aware of turning off unnecessary lighting as we go and limiting our use of electrical equipment to the absolute minimum. We can manage waste systems so that all recycling is carried out efficiently and effectively to conform with ISO 1402.

At One2One Group our cleaning being carried out to the highest standards, often exceeding customer requirements and needs.

Following the successful quotation for office cleaning work, written instructions covering all aspects of the contract are agreed with the client, and made available to all the staff assigned to that contract. Regular meetings are held with the customer to check the progress, especially in the early stages of a new contract.

We strive for quality not price!

If you email us the correct size of the area to be cleaned in square meters we will give you a free estimate and advice.

Alternatively, we can visit your home or office to laser measure the areas to be cleaned, plus we can test to establish the method that should be used and give you a written free quotation.

Please don’t confuse the cleaning done to a standard of cleaning with the cheaper “Splash & Dash” leaflet droppers. This is a professional cleaning to the highest standards.

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