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Grave Yard Security

Grave Yard Security SydneyGrave Yard Security: is a common part to the security sector. At grave yards after hours, there is a lot of unwanted and unexpected guests jumping fences and breaking in. People from the public, graffiti on walls, break into the site offices, vandalise property and many more. Security One 2 One can assure you that while having our onsite security guard present with our company vehicle driving around throughout the shift that when unexpected guests are noticed, Security One 2 One guards will call the Police immediately, record the unwanted guests through the camera on the company vehicle and try and try to arrest the guest if possible.

Some of the duties related to grave yard security consists of:

  • Regular drive around with company vehicle whilst on shift;
  • External and internal foot patrols;
  • Concierge at office front desk;
  • Reporting of daily occurrences;
  • Cash handling;
  • Enforcing company policies and procedures;
  • Locking and unlocking of gates;
  • Assisting customers when present;
  • Other duties stipulated by client;

When having a loved one in a private property premises, you would want to ensure that the private property premises is safe and secure at any time of the day giving you that piece of mind.

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