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Gate House Security

Gate House Security SydneyGate House Security: is a big part of the security industry. Gate house security ensures safety and protection to businesses of Australia. While having a gate house Security Guard on shift, this will ensure that no cars are tailgating into premises where they should not be. By having a security guard on, security will ensure that the people allowed on site are the only people that have access to do so.

Some of the Gate House activities involve:

  • Checking ID cards of the persons entering the facility;
  • Maintains security and safety for assigned areas;
  • Provide information and direction, explain rules and regulations;
  • Operating and monitoring and security control panel alarms and related security equipment to provide area and visitor surveillance;
  • Maintain logs and record occurrences, complete the necessary paper work;
  • Maintenance of Fire register;
  • Issuance of site daily passes to contractors;
  • Return sign off of site daily passes logged into database;
  • First AID;
  • Record of vehicle registration details;
  • Complete name check of driver’s licence for guests;
  • Reporting to health and safety compliance officer of any health and safety problems;
  • Incident reports;
  • Many more and other duties stipulated by the client;

Our highly trained and experiences officers will ensure that your business is safe and secure and provide a guaranteed security service of the highest quality expectations.

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