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What’s expensive with Construction Equipment is losing it

Construction equipment can set you back a few quid. It’s expensive and builders have little choice but to leave it on the sites they’re working at. Construction equipment – Bobcats, Komatsus, earth movers – even hammers, shovels, spades and cement mixes are attractive items for thieves to make off with, if left unguarded. There is […]

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Crime does not pay, neither does ignoring it

Security One-2-One can help you identify car park crime risk and fix it too When a crime is reported in the car park of a shopping centre, there is an immediate drop in the number of customers frequenting it. In large, and small car parks, crime is an issue. Car parks are a hangout for […]

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The worst thing you can do to car park security is ignore it

Car parks are a hotbed of crime – one security company has solutions that help car park owners, businesses and commercial establishments resolve it. Car parks are a hotbed of crime. In July, earlier this year, the Daily Telegraph reports that a boy was stabbed in a car park in Sydney’s Balmain district. In April […]

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We prefer to deter crime than have to resolve it

All crime does to business is disrupt it. With more than years of experience in providing security to businesses, few companies in Australia understand this sector better than we do. At Security One 2 One, when we develop a security plan for our clients, we employ something called ‘The Deterrent Effect’. The Deterrent Effect is […]

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The Real Job of Static Security Guards

If you are unfamiliar with the term Static Guards then you might be confused about their job description. In contrast to their literary meaning, static guards are far from being just stationary. Conducting regular and thorough security patrols are one of the many vital duties of static security guards. However, many people have the misconception […]

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The Benefits of a Security Guard

Safety at your door! Though the 21st century has made the times more advanced and secure with security systems and burglar alarms, there are always cases where the burglar is smart enough to hack into the security system somehow. Hence, having a manned security guard provides a sense of security as well as ensures that […]

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Improving Retail Outlet Security Across Sydney

For Sydney retailers, 2018 brings another year trying to combat the recurring problem of theft. However, 2018 also brings new technology and better strategies to deter robberies across retail outlets in Sydney. According to the recent statistics, retailers in Australia lose $2.7 billion annually. The most used strategy by retailers is loss prevention. Loss occurs […]

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What Security Guards Can Do For You

We know that security guards are important for businesses and homeowners in Sydney. There are some questions that a person might have regarding security guards, what exactly they do and what powers they have. Today’s post will help you decide when and why exactly to consider services of a professional security guard for your business […]

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The Importance of Security Guards In Retail

According to statistics published in 2014-2015 Global Retail Theft Barometer, retail crimes like shoplifting and employee and supplier fraud cost the retailer’s losses to be in the millions every year. Because of this and other crimes, the retail industry has become more focused towards security. Store staff is inexperienced to handle shoplifters. They are afraid […]

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Why Security Services Are Important For Educational Institutes

A very important part of Australian society is educational system. These institutes help the next generation grow to be knowledgeable, tolerant, mature and successful people who are capable of leading the country towards further growth. The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that there are 3.8 million school students as of 2016. However, it’s not always […]

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